Rochester Police talk about this past weekend’s violent protest and riots

The Rochester Police Department discusses the arrests of 13 people during this past weekends a violent protest. During their press conference, the Rochester Police Department advised that there are more arrest to come. This is after a peaceful “Black Lives Matter” protest turned violent leaving police cars on fire, police officers and a fireman injured.

The violent protest turning into people looting and damaging local businesses, and terrorizing neighborhoods. One person was beaten outside of their store as they were trying to stop looters from getting in.

Frank Umbrino a RPD Police Captain says “we do know who some of the individuals are. We are working on identifying more people.” Captian Umbrino also stated “burning a police vehicle may violate some federal statues and if it in fact does thats something we will take advantage of.”

When asked about the person(s) posted on their wanted page, Captian Umbrino stated "they can be potential suspects or witnesses during these violent crimes."

Frank Umbrino says he “appreciates the community support and it has been overwhelming.”

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