Explosion at Buffalo Road Business Park

On Thursday afternoon the Rochester Fire Department responded to Buffalo Road Business Park for a report of smoke coming from one of the businesses. As firefighters arrived on scene, there was heavy smoke coming from the building and employees were evacuating. One of the employees advised firefighters that there was an explosion.

Lt. Ryan Fleming stated that the buildings sprinkler system helped contain the fire to where the explosion occurred. A second alarm was called due to a possible hazmat situation, since the company does work with chemicals.

Fleming stated that “Anytime you have fire with chemicals we want to make sure we have the professionals here.” “We have the people that are most equipped to deal with chemicals and how they’re going to react with fire.”

The fire which was caused by the explosion was contained to the area of the explosion and to the outside of the building where the explosion occurred. The Rochester Fire Department stated that a 55-gallon drum that was filled with an unknown chemical had failed and caused the explosion.

No employees of the business and no firefighters were injured.

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