148 cases in Monroe County, fourth person dies

Of the 148 confirmed COVID-19 cases, the ages and genders are:

  • One boy under 10-years-old

  • One girl in her teens

  • 20 are in their 20s, five men and 15 women

  • 21 are in their 30s, 12 men and 15 women

  • 16 are in their 40s, 10 men and six women

  • 27 are in their 50s, 13 men and 14 women

  • 25 are in their 60s, 11 men and 14 women

  • 17 are in their 70s, nine men and eight women

  • Ten are in their 80s, eight men and two women

  • Three are in his 90s, two men and one woman

Thirty-one people are currently hospitalized as of Thursday afternoon, 19 of whom are in the ICU, and 545 people are in mandatory quarantine. The county has received 1,966 test results to date, with 1,818 of them coming back negative.

COVID-19 testing in Monroe County

1,966 test results have been received as of Thursday. 

148 positive results, 1,818 negative results

Hospitalized patients

Of the 148 confirmed cases, 31 people are hospitalized with 19 of the patients in ICU.

Deaths related to COVID-19

4 patients

Mandatory quarantine

The Health Department has placed 545 people into mandatory quarantine and isolation.

Resolved cases

Of the 148 confirmed cases, there has been 10 people resolved and have been released from isolation.

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